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Support Higher Education

Our State Government is doing a commendable job by ensuring that each child gets basic primary education along with free food. Using this free education model, thousands of students from rural areas have emerged with flying colours and great ambitions about their career. However, they seem to hit a financial roadblock when it comes to higher education as most cannot afford it.

Unfortunately, close to one lakh students from Tamil Nadu alone are unable to pursue their higher education and drop their educational aspirations before acquiring the skills and knowledge to build lucrative careers. This is a terrible setback for our country at large. Bank loans for higher education are also not easily available to all students in need. Often, they lose out on good opportunities before they get a loan and if they do get a loan, the financial burden puts them under constant stress while studying.

The responsibility to better this situation does not lie with the Government or banks alone. It is our collective responsibility to help the future of our country and we need to support our students to ensure that they receive the higher education that they deserve. The Anandham team that works at the grassroots level actively identifies underprivileged, meritorious students from rural areas who are unlikely to pursue their higher education due to financial constraints. Anandham constantly works to help build support for these students so they get fair opportunities.

The Joy of Giving:
Ananadham is a right Platform for pure Charity:

  • We operate on strict guidelines with 100% transparency in our processes. We make sure that all our donors’ money is fully utilized for the cause of education.

  • We ensure that our operational costs are kept to the minimum. We operate out of our founder’s office and regular meetings are conducted in various areas by our key members. We intentionally keep our operations simple and inexpensive, so that that donors’ money directly goes towards the benefit of our students.

  • From time-to–time, student progress records are shared with our donors, so they have a sense of satisfaction that their donations have helped in transforming lives and that their collaboration with Anandham has borne fruit.

Get Involved:

Those of us in cities don’t mind routinely spending a few thousand rupees to watch a movie or eat a good dinner. At the same time, a rural student who scored 1154 marks in her Plus Two examinations didn’t apply to college because she didn’t have Rs. 450 to buy an application form. This puts all her efforts in vain. Therefore, any kind of contribution is valuable to us as it could help these children. You could contribute in the following ways:

  • You could sponsor the full education fees for one student or a group of students throughout the duration of the course and truly feel the joy of changing someone’s future.

  • You could donate a partial amount, which we will combine with other donations to fund a student.

  • If you want to begin your journey with us with a nominal amount, you can choose special occasions such as a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate a cherished moment by making a donation.

  • You could also help us through referrals or connect us with philanthropists/donors who are looking for a credible platform to support children and education.

  • Another way of helping would be to put us in touch with esteemed colleges that can aid us with free or concessional admission for our students.

Your Donations are tax exempt through 80G

Please call or send an email using the below mentioned details. Our representative will speak to you.