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About Anandham

About Anandham Foundation

Anandham is a voluntary service organization run by a team of youngsters. The primary objective of Anandham is to support underprivileged, rural students who scored high marks in their Plus Two examinations but could not afford the increasing costs of higher education. 

Since its inception, thirteen years ago, the team has been working to empower the next generation by imparting knowledge and values to help them build strength and confidence to face challenges in the society. 

Anandham Youth Foundation is a registered trust under the Trusts Act (Reg. No: 452/12)

Services to Society

  • Anandham awards 100% Scholarship to underprivileged, rural students who cannot afford the increasing costs of higher education.

  • To tackle the complexities of modern-day society and help students productively engage in it, Anandham offers supplementary training for overall development such as personality development programs, motivational programs, life skills coaching, yoga and meditation in addition to support for career-based education.

  • Anandham maintains a list of voluntary blood donors and updates it regularly, so that blood donation drives can be promptly organized when required.